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Will the 10-year treasury yield fall to ZERO by the end of the year?  You never know... just remember...there is over 14 trillion dollars in bonds with negative interest rates.  The last time interest rates were at a negative yield was... N E V E R!   6000 years of recorded human history all the way back to the ancient Sumerians and there has never been negative yielding financial instruments!!!

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Qualified Appraisal Reviews

The purpose of appraisal reviews are to detect: whether the original appraisal or evaluation is suitable for the transaction, the exposure inherit in the transaction, and whether the procedure by which the property valuation is rendered ensures independence and quality.

Moreover, they should indicate whether the appraisal or evaluation report is in line with the engagement letter, which sets forth the scope of the appraisal assignment. Lastly, the Federal Reserve notes that "some banks supplement routine reviews with post-funding evaluations of appraisal quality for some of their higher-risk or greater-value transactions as a control to assist in detecting valuation problems".

If you have questions in reference to an appraisal, or if you're in the need of a real estate appraisal review, call K.W. APPRAISALS, LLC today.

In addition to coordinating our work to the procedures and guidelines of our review customers, there are four Fannie Mae forms that are primarily used for review services, and we will prepare an appraisal review on any of them. They include an appraisal "desk" review, a "field" review, a "short" form and a "narrative" form. Here at K.W. APPRAISALS, LLC, we are experienced in all kinds of appraisal reviews, review processes and the obligations of review appraisers.

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Honesty and Integrity: K.W. APPRAISALS, LLC

Real estate appraisal is called a profession rather than a trade, and as with any profession we have a strict ethical code.

We have a great deal of responsibilities as appraisers, but our main duty is to our clients. Normally, in residential practice, the lender (or an agent of the lender) places the order to the appraiser, becoming the appraiser's client. It follows that appraisers are privy to a lot of information, and like an attorney, can only discuss many of these matters with their client. 

Other obligations include numerical accuracy depending on the assignment's nature, attaining and maintaining an adequate level of competency and education, and of course, the appraiser must behave in a professional manner. Maintaining high ethics and client confidentiality is what we do every day at K.W. APPRAISALS, LLC.

Appraisers will sometimes be obligated to consider the interests of third parties, including homeowners, both buyers and sellers, or others. Normally the third parties are explicitly defined in the appraisal report. An appraiser's fiduciary responsibility is restricted to those third parties who the appraiser is aware of, based on the scope of work or other written parameters of the assignment.

K.W. APPRAISALS, LLC has worked hard for its reputation for producing appraisals with the highest of ethics. 

Appraisers also have rules outside of boundaries of clients and others. For example, appraisers must store their work files for at least five years - at K.W. APPRAISALS, LLC you can rest assured that we stick to that rule.

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